Cape Gutter Clean was originally started so those that cannot, or do not wish to clean their gutters, can rely on a professional service to do it for them.

Cape Gutter Clean offers high powered vacuum cleaning of roofs, gutters & downpipes (where possible). We service domestic clients in WA’s South-West including commercial, industrial, schools & municipal clients.

We are fully insured and have an OH&S Management System.  

We are fully trained in safe working at heights.

You are guaranteed a clean, safe, courteous & efficient service.





Winter or Summer,

are you ready? 

are your gutters clean?

We are trained and ready to visit your home and clean your gutters, front, back and sides.

We use our own power supply.

We dispose of the leaf litter from your gutters, or place it in your mulch heap to reuse whenever you like.

If you would rather be out walking, cycling, surfing, fishing, on your jet ski, in your 4x4 or having a barbie with friends give us a call.

You won`t have to give up a day of your time off, there will be no mess, and you can feel comfortable, because your gutters are free from leaf litter.

What takes the average person a day to do, Cape can do the job in a couple of hours, possibly a little longer if your gutters are badly blocked.

Whether you have rain water tanks or not, you should have clean gutters, this allows water to escape from your roof.

If gutters overflow it can cause unsightly staining or worse, damage to the interior of your home.

It is possible this damage would not be covered by insurance, as the water inflow was not caused by storm damage to the structure.

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