Clogged, clean and interesting findings Clogged, clean and interesting findings Clogged with winter grass Less than two years old, but still blocked up with winter grass 97914187 Clean 97914188 Clogged by broad leaf weeds Broad leaf weeds growing over the down pipe prevent water flowing out of the gutter 97914189 Clean 97914190 Years of build up Many rooves have this build up in their gutters, it is not considered a problem until it costs money, you still have to have them cleaned, do it early, it is cheaper. 97914191 Clean 97914192 Many weeds 97914193 Clean 97914194 Norfolk pine litter All this litter would have ended up in the gutter eventually. 97914196 Clean 97914195 Fine specimen Found growing in the gutter at an aged care facility. 97914197