Why clean your gutters ?

You don’t have to live in a leafy suburb to get blocked gutters.

Home guttering is designed to catch as much water as possible during a rain event.

It doesn`t matter whether you wish to dispose of the water through the stormwater system or store it in rainwater tanks, if the gutters or downpipes are blocked, the water cannot drain away as designed, which may cause it to overflow or backup.

If the water gets under your fascia it may find its way into the ceiling, staining both your ceiling and inner walls.

This can lead to structural damage to the property, which most likely will not be covered by your insurance.

Insurance companies will not pay out on water damage caused by blocked gutters, downpipes & drains, water damage must be as a direct result of storm damage or water inundation i.e. lifting roof or similar.  

Dust settles on your roof and washes into the gutters each time it rains, collecting in the gutter as silt, providing a bed for weed seeds which have been spread by the breeze and birds.

Seeds germinate and grow in gutters for long periods, undisturbed for months at a time, by which time they may have totally blocked your gutters and or down pipes.

Gutters that have filled with dirt and plant material must be cleaned in order for them to do their job, if they are left for months or in the worst case, years, they may need to be replaced. That is an expensive alternative. 

Moss thrives in moist shaded gutters, particularly in the cooler southern half of the state, and in particular in the shaded growing environment offered by gutter-guards.

Another area for concern in the SW is bird and possum droppings, these are a health hazard for people with rain water tanks.

Blocked gutters & downpipes cause corrosion, moist silt and leaf litter sits in your gutters creating the ideal environment to rust / corrode most metals, even zincalume, galvanised and colour bond gutters break down in this environment.


Built up leaf litter in gutters and valleys is a prime example of how fires start in homes that are otherwise well protected. If you have the recommended thirty or forty metre clear area, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have clean gutters.

New Houses

If your house has never had the gutters cleaned properly, the gutters will have building left overs like nails, roofing tech screws, tin off cuts, tile pieces and cement debris, some electrical bits and pieces.

This is a fact of life, no body cares for your property while they are building it. They are hired to build the house, not prepare the home.

Why use professionals to clean your gutters?

Why risk serious injury, or worse, climbing up onto roofs or ladders when you can have a fully trained professional do the job for you.

Cape Gutter Clean have all the necessary safety equipment and expertise to get the job done safely and efficiently.

Cleaning gutters by hand is not always efficient, especially if you have better things to do, you may leave behind loose leaf litter and debris in the gutters, doing it yourself can cause some health problems if you cut your hands, breath in the dust or get bitten by any number of our Australian critters, Red Backs for example love a moist well protected environment.


Winter or Summer,

are you ready? 

are your gutters clean?

We are trained and ready to visit your home and clean your gutters, front, back and sides.

We use our own power supply.

We dispose of the leaf litter from your gutters, or place it in your mulch heap to reuse whenever you like.

If you would rather be out walking, cycling, surfing, fishing, on your jet ski, in your 4x4 or having a barbie with friends give us a call.

You won`t have to give up a day of your time off, there will be no mess, and you can feel comfortable, because your gutters are free from leaf litter.

What takes the average person a day to do, Cape can do the job in a couple of hours, possibly a little longer if your gutters are badly blocked.

Whether you have rain water tanks or not, you should have clean gutters, this allows water to escape from your roof.

If gutters overflow it can cause unsightly staining or worse, damage to the interior of your home.

It is possible this damage would not be covered by insurance, as the water inflow was not caused by storm damage to the structure.

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